Bookkeeper Productivity Tips

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Create a specific workspace for your office hours. Defining a workspace helps you set your mind on the tasks at hand.

Set Time Boundaries with your Clients

Write effective emails to clients which include specific deadlines you require things. The more guidance you can give them, the better chance you have of obtaining the information that you need in a timely manner.

Set Communication Boundaries with your Clients

The key to remaining productive when working remotely is knowing when to switch on and switch off. Set clear boundaries with clients as to when they can reach you and stick to these times. Your off time is yours.

Define Communication Preferences with Clients

In order to stay productive and focused on the task at hand, you should define how you want your client to communicate with you from the beginning. Email is a good option as it provides a written account of communication with clients which they can then search later on if necessary. This avoids taking lengthy calls which can frustrate you and interrupt your work flow. It also ensures you have control over when you deal with your clients.