Targeted Accounting merges with AgileCPA

Targeted Accounting and AgileCPA are merging, uniting two leading outsourced bookkeeping and financial advisory firms to create the Targeted Agile Company (TAC).

Through this merger, TAC brings together the professionals, resources and service capabilities of its two predecessor firms to offer clients a more robust and comprehensive range of outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and financial management solutions.

As part of the merger’s planned leadership transition, Dianna Thorne, president of Targeted Accounting, is retiring. Moving forward, Wendy Ha, Principal Partner and CEO of AgileCPA, will become President of TAC. All other staffing will remain unchanged, ensuring seamless day-to-day operations for clients. “Wendy and I share a similar approach to business excellence,” says Thorne.

As President of TAC, Ha brings more than a decade of advisory experience to her new role. “What I find most rewarding about this merger is the chance to build on the strong foundation Dianna has established,” says Ha. “With our merged capabilities and resources, TAC is perfectly positioned to bring even more value to our clients, while providing our team new opportunities to grow professionally.”


Accounting for a Brighter Future

For further information:

Wendy Ha (647) 655-8382

Tanya Kostiw
Mayk Ideas and the AKCESSIA Group
(647) 985-8576

7 Tips to Skyrocket Your Firm’s Productivity

Prioritize your relationships

Perform a weekly checkup. This will help you see the bigger picture of priorities as it relates to the relationships most important in your life.

Make your priorities actionable

Set aside time at the beginning of each week to prioritize your to-do list. Be sure to create action items for each task. Add time contingent items as a task in your calendar. Add everything else to a larger running to-do list. Move through your work days with intention rather than constantly playing catchup on suddenly sprouting items.

Schedule Strategically

Organize commitments based on when you are able to function at your peak and practice time blocking. Save items requiring less focus for your off-times.

Covet Your Time

Before accepting an invite for a meeting, ask yourself if the time spend will get you closer to your weekly goals. Schedule clear work-blocks to tackle your biggest priorities.

Find a mind dump

Find an app that you like (ie. OneNote) that will serve as your personal mind dump. Store notes, ideas, dreams, random thoughts and more. Having it all in one place prevents you from wasting time searching for that random scrap paper that you scribbled a note onto.

Upgrade your team communication tool

Utilize direct messaging system rather than cluttering your email with quick questions and correspondence. This makes your internal communications a priority.

Be transparent

When team members are unclear about what the firm’s goals are and what role they play in achieving those goals, you end up with lost productivity. Use strategic planning methods so that the planning of goals and expected results are clear to everyone. This also serves to allow your team to understand which initiatives are most important.

Bookkeeper Productivity Tips

Create a Dedicated Workspace

Create a specific workspace for your office hours. Defining a workspace helps you set your mind on the tasks at hand.

Set Time Boundaries with your Clients

Write effective emails to clients which include specific deadlines you require things. The more guidance you can give them, the better chance you have of obtaining the information that you need in a timely manner.

Set Communication Boundaries with your Clients

The key to remaining productive when working remotely is knowing when to switch on and switch off. Set clear boundaries with clients as to when they can reach you and stick to these times. Your off time is yours.

Define Communication Preferences with Clients

In order to stay productive and focused on the task at hand, you should define how you want your client to communicate with you from the beginning. Email is a good option as it provides a written account of communication with clients which they can then search later on if necessary. This avoids taking lengthy calls which can frustrate you and interrupt your work flow. It also ensures you have control over when you deal with your clients.